Digital imaging and diagnostics close to home

Doctors Medical Center of Modesto provides an extensive range of advanced digital imaging services, all under one roof. We offer:

  • The latest imaging technology, including MRI, CT, full-body scans and more
  • Advanced services like interventional radiology
  • Personalized care in a warm, welcoming environment
  • Experienced caregivers right here in your community

Doctors Medical Center strives to bring some of the best, advanced imaging services to our community. Our fully digital system helps speed your diagnosis and treatment, allowing physicians and other staff to securely access your images online, 24/7. Our advanced system enables quick and easy storage, retrieval, distribution and presentation of images whenever and wherever they are requested. That means no time wasted in your tests and starting your treatment plan.

The latest technology right here in your community

Our advanced imaging technology equipment rivals many large hospitals, including basic equipment and technology that goes beyond the everyday need. We offer:

  • Advanced MRI
  • 128-Slice CT with 3D reconstruction
  • State-of-the-art 3D imaging
  • Full-body scans

Offering advanced treatments too

In addition to advanced imaging and diagnostic services, we also offer interventional radiology services for both diagnosis and treatment. Our radiologists are equipped for a variety of important procedures. Among our many services we offer:

  • Chemoembolization, which  delivers cancer treatment directly to the tumor through the blood supply
  • Embolization, which blocks abnormal blood flow or abnormal organ function, including uterine artery embolization to treat fibroid tumors in the uterus
  • Thrombolysis, which dissolves blood clots
  • Biopsies, which are performed onsite by experienced staff
  • Radiofrequency ablation, which enables more precise cancer treatment


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