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From strokes to head trauma and spinal cord injuries, Doctors Medical Center of Modesto provides a comprehensive range of brain and spine care services. We offer:

  • Individualized treatment for brain and spine conditions, including stroke care
  • A patient-centered team approach to care, with physicians, nurses and support personnel working collaboratively
  • Advanced imaging services to identify brain, spine and neck problems
  • State-of-the-art techniques in medical and surgical management of severe head and spine injuries
  • Recognition as a Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center - One of Only 27 Comprehensive Stroke Centers in California and the Only Center in the Central Valley - by The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval and American Heart Association Heart - Check Mark
  • An award-winning stroke care program honored by the American Heart Association for improving care in patients who received thrombolytic therapy
  • A Neuro Critical Care Unit and Neuro Step-Down Unit for inpatient hospital care
  • Critical care services provided by nurses certified in Trauma Nursing Care, Pediatrics Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Learn more about stroke care at our Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Performance Measurement

Strokes require urgent care to restore blood flow to the brain and begin the recovery process.

See below for our current metric scale that indicates how much blood flow was restored in an area of the brain that was suffering a blood clot type of stroke. Our compliance is line with the national average of other facilities that also offer this service.

Thrombolysis In Cerebral Infarction (TICI) Scale

Doctors Medical Center 2021 compliance with TICI 2b/3 = 90.8%

This includes all acute ischemic stroke patients that had a neurointerventional procedure (thrombectomy).

*National Average from the Get With The Guidelines (American Stroke Association) stroke registry, 2021 = 82.0%

The TICI scale:

  • Standardized grading scale of angiographic outcomes, indicating the degree of perfusion obtained following recanalization of an arterial occlusion in the brain.
  • Indicates the level of reperfusion of blood flow to the brain that was previously blocked by a blood clot.
  • Scores range from 0 (no perfusion) to 3 (full perfusion with filling of all distal branches).
    • Grades of TICI 2b/3 indicate reperfusion to the brain tissue.
  • Restoration of blood flow in an artery in the brain (recanalization) increases reperfusion into distal segments of the artery and restores blood flow to brain tissue. Better outcomes are associated with increased blood flow to the brain.

Should you or a loved one require specialized brain or spine services, Doctors Medical Center is here for you. Get the personalized care you expect and deserve.

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