A minimally invasive surgical option provides a number of benefits

Your doctor may have recommended an abdominal or gastric surgery if you aren't a candidate for other treatment options. Or perhaps those other options have failed and surgery is your only choice.

Doctors Medical Center of Modesto offers da Vinci® General Surgery, a robotic-assisted surgery that gives you a minimally invasive option.

da Vinci General Surgery

A da Vinci General Surgery allows your surgeon more precise control and lets you get back to your normal life more quickly. With minimally invasive surgery, you can experience:
• Faster recovery
• Less scarring
• Fewer complications
• Shorter hospital stays

Many abdominal and gastric surgeries have been done through da Vinci general surgery including:  
• Hernia repair
• Nissen Fundoplication (acid reflux surgery)
• Heller Myotoma (swallowing disorder surgery)
• Bariatric surgery

Talk to your doctor or call (877) 946-3604 to get more information on da Vinci general surgery.

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