Central Valley Hospitals Collect 44,080 Servings of Cereal

Jun 20, 2021

Doctors Medical Center, Emanuel Medical Center and Doctors Hospital of Manteca are pleased to announce the three hospitals together donated 44,080 servings of cereal and $3,212 to Second Harvest of the Greater Valley, during their Healthy Over Hungry Cereal Drive on June 7-14, 2021.

The donations collected will help provide local children and adults struggling with hunger with a healthy breakfast during the summer. Good nutrition is essential to good health, and summer is a particularly tough time for many food-insecure families because children can no longer rely on schools for nutritious meals, putting an added burden on these families.

“We understand the health issues children face from hunger and poor nutrition,” said Warren Kirk, CEO of Doctors Medical Center. “This past year has been particularly devastating for families struggling with hunger, as the COVID-19 pandemic compounded extreme food shortages in many communities. We recognize the importance of beginning each day with a nutritious breakfast and, through this drive, hope to help many in our community struggling with food insecurity.”

The monetary donations collected will be used to buy perishable items such as milk, fruit/vegetables, and lean protein that can complement whole grains and help create a complete healthy breakfast.

A note to our teams from the food bank: “We're excited to be able to distribute your donations to our various agencies and programs, which serve those most in need in our community, especially the elderly and families with young children. Please remind your staff of just how amazing they are. They've done so much for our communities during this pandemic, and their donations to last week's drive only continue to prove their commitment to community.”

DMC, EMC and DHM are proud to help so many in our community and are grateful for the support of staff members and the community in this effort.

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