Sports Medicine

Recover faster with our sports medicine program 

The sports medicine program at Doctors Medical Center of Modesto has been designed to help you get active again. We offer: 

  • A team of highly experienced physicians and nurses
  • Assessments and therapies to restore your mobility and agility

Whether you have a torn ligament, a sprain, or want to restore or improve your mobility and agility, consider sports medicine as a pathway to health. Athletes and non-athletes alike can find relief and improvement from our range of services. At Doctors Medical Center, we want to make sure you receive the right treatment to ensure you maintain a great quality of life for years to come.

We offer a team of orthopedic physicians, nurses, physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists to provide you with expert care.

Our orthopedic specialists always begin by exploring non-surgical options, which can include medication, physical therapy and rehabilitation. You can access all of those right within our network, to help you recover faster, and get you back to the activities you enjoy again.

Let our team help you get moving without pain. 

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