Preparation for Bariatric Surgery

How to properly prepare for bariatric surgery

Preparing properly for weight loss surgery is an important step in the success of your outcome. Please speak with your doctor about how to prepare for your specific weight loss surgery. Here are some general tips for preparing for the day of a weight loss surgery: 

  • Follow the pre-operative diet prescribed by your doctor prior to surgery
  • Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight, including hard candy or gum before your scheduled weight loss surgery
  • Remove jewelry and wear comfortable clothes to the hospital
  • Have an adult drive you to the hospital and prepare for someone to drive you home. Someone must stay with you at your home the night you are released from the hospital
  • Bring a list of medications you are currently taking with you to the Doctors Medical Center of Modesto
  • Bring paperwork, test results and medical history for your doctor
  • Bring your insurance card and legal form of ID
  • Arrive early for your surgery, usually 90 minutes up to two hours 
Once you leave recovery, usually 1-3 hours after surgery, you may receive visitors. Family members may visit at any hour, but please limit guests in your room to two at a time. Circumstances continually change for many of our patients and guests may sometimes be asked to leave the room at the nurse’s request for certain procedures.  The waiting room is available for your friends and family’s convenience. We request visitors call from the waiting room before each visit on the phone outside the entrance.

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