Back & Neck

Live your life without pain through advanced back and ​neck care

At Doctors Medical Center of Modesto, back and spine care includes surgical and nonsurgical treatments to help eliminate your pain and increase mobility. Our goal is to get you back to your normal activities as soon as possible so you can live life fully again.

We proudly offer: 

  • Care provided by a team of  board-certified physicians with specialized training in spine disorders
  • Diagnostic and treatment protocols incorporating the latest evidence-based medicine and research
  • Treatment plans starting with pain-management methods such as anti-inflammatory drugs, heat and cold therapy, special exercises or massage
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery if more conservative pain-treatment options are unsuccessful. Fewer complications, less pain and a faster recovery are often reported with minimally invasive techniques. 

Whether it’s a back injury or long-term condition causing pain, the healthcare professionals at Doctors Medical Center will work with you in treatment and recovery.

​Moving ahead with confidence. 

To learn more about our back and spine services, call (​877) 946-3604. Or find a physician by using our Find A Physician tool or visit us at The Darroch Brain & Spine Institute of Doctors Hospital of Modesto.