Hospital Chaplain Supports COVID Patients, Staff in Their Toughest Hours

Jan 8, 2021

In the hectic environs of the hospital during the coronavirus pandemic, Jeremy Brown is able to slow down and help people get some level of spiritual support under the circumstances.

“In general, we are not designed to be alone,” said Brown, the in-house chaplain at Doctors Medical Center. “We are certainly not designed to suffer alone. People are hard-wired to be relational. The simple fact is suffering can be very isolating and COVID-19 has accentuated that.”

Brown has been at Doctors for three and a half years. But the past year has been like no other.

He’s had to make adjustments to lend what support he can to COVID-19 patients who are dying alone and provide encouragement to staff members who keep coming to work during the crisis.

Continue reading the full feature story on Jeremy Brown on The Modesto Bee.

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