Doctors Medical Center Celebrates 10,000 Robotic Surgeries

May 31, 2023

Doctors Medical Center held a celebration on May 30, 2023, to mark our surgical teams hitting the amazing milestone of 10,000 robotic surgeries on our da Vinci technology! Physicians, employees, governing board members and administration attended the special event. Guests in attendance could test-drive our da Vinci Xi Surgical System and learn about the patient benefits.

Doctors Medical Center was the first in the Central Valley to launch the da Vinci technology for robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery in 2007. We now have three da Vinci robots at our hospital that our surgeons utilize.

Surgeons at Doctors Medical Center have performed 10,000 gynecological, urological, surgical weight loss, general surgery and thoracic procedures using our da Vinci technology. The robot’s magnified, high-definition 3-D camera enables surgeons to reach parts of the body that typically cannot otherwise be accessed. In addition, the robot can amplify surgeons’ dexterity with an enhanced range of motion.

Doctors Medical Center’s specially-trained surgical teams are experts in utilizing the robot. Robotic-assisted surgery has been effective in treating a variety of conditions with procedures such as: hysterectomy, colon resections, bariatric surgery, inguinal hernia repair, thoracic lobectomy and more. Potential patient benefits may include: less pain, minimal scarring, small incisions, shorter hospital stay, lower risk of infection, minimal blood loss and faster recovery.

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