What to Expect

Do you have questions about your upcoming surgery or hospital visit? The following tips will help you prepare and know what to expect when you arrive for your stay at Doctors Medical Center of Modesto.

Pre-visit checklist

1. Schedule a consultation with a doctor

Get a clear idea about what will happen at the hospital, and make sure you know who will be your treating physician.

2. Designate a point person

Be sure to designate a close family member or friend to be a point person who is authorized to communicate with your medical team if necessary.

3. Know your patient rights

As a patient, you have rights while you’re in our care - from deciding who can visit you to deciding what medical care you’ll receive. Learn more by visiting our patient rights section.

4. Reduce your risks

There are specific rules in place to make sure you are safe and secure during your stay. Be sure to follow all the hospital’s safety rules.

Frequently asked questions

Before visiting the hospital

Do I need to complete additional paperwork at the hospital?
We encourage you to use our online pre-registration tool before your visit. This should cover the majority of paperwork needed. However, there may be an additional form or two that you’ll need to fill out when you check in. Forms you might be asked to complete:
● Authorization to Release Protected Health Information During This Admission
● Consent for Treatment and Conditions For Admission
● Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices

Will pre-admission testing (PAT) be done prior to my surgery?

We suggest that you get pre-admission testing (PAT) done 2 to 10 days before your surgery. Your physician will be in charge of ordering the tests, which may include:
● Blood test
● Urine test
● Chest X-ray

How do I get directions to the hospital?
 The Maps & Directions page will give you detailed information.

Preparing for your surgery

Should I stop taking any of my medication before surgery?
Talk to your physician prior to your surgery.

What do I do if I’m sick?
Notify your physician if you develop flu-like symptoms, including a fever lasting more than 24 hours.

Are there food and drink restrictions for my surgery?
Check with your physician for specific instructions on what you can and cannot eat or drink prior to surgery.

Can I drive home after surgery?
Please make arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home after your surgery. Afterward, wait until you have clearance from your doctor to drive.
What time should I arrive at the hospital for my surgery? Please arrive at least two hours prior to your scheduled procedure.

The day of surgery

What time should I arrive at the hospital for my surgery?
Please arrive at least two hours prior to your scheduled procedure.

Can I bathe, brush my teeth or wear makeup for surgery?
Bathing or showering using antibacterial soap and brushing your teeth before surgery is perfectly fine. However, please limit makeup and remove all body piercings and jewelry.

Can friends and loved ones visit after surgery? 
After surgery, you’ll be in post-anesthesia care. Visitors will be restricted at this time. They will be allowed to see you if you’re moved to a room.

Who do I contact if I need to cancel my surgery?
Notify your physician and the hospital’s surgery scheduling department as soon as possible. If you have additional questions, please call (209) 576-3647