Your Visit

You don’t want your hospital stay to be stressful. At Doctors Medical Center of Modesto, we try to reduce your stress by providing resources that help you prepare for your visit. Information is the best tool. 

Here, you’ll discover what to expect during your stay — from your first pre-op consultation to your post-op follow-up appointment. You’ll also find practical information, such as what to bring — and what not to bring — with you; what your rights and responsibilities are during your stay; and what legal decisions you may want to make in advance. 

If you have additional questions about your visit, please call (209) 576-3604
Get answers to some of the common questions you might have about your hospital visit.
Check our map for details on how to find us at Doctors Medical Center
Know your rights as a patient when you are receiving care at Doctors Medical Center of Modesto.
We love to hear stories about your experience as a patient at Doctors Medical Center. Share your story with us.
Thank a Doctors Medical Center staff member, nurse or physician for giving you extra care, support and attention.
Check this list for items that should be on your hospital checklist and what should be left at home.
Find answers to your questions on legal and ethical decisions, and review Advanced Directives and DNR Directives documents.