The Valley Consortium for Medical Education Announces Ten Incoming Family Practice Residents 

Stanislaus County -The Valley Family Medicine Residency Program is excited to announce that the ten openings for its first year residents have been filled, and it is a "Match"!

Following a strenuous year, making changes at record pace to meet new demands by the federal government, the local physician training program received more good news this week. The new-replacement program received the coveted three-year accreditation in late January, and this week learned that prospective residency program candidates were not deterred by the recent events. The program completely filled its ten "freshman" positions for the academic year which begins July 1, 2010, with candidates selected by a local physician interview panel. The "Match" is a nationally organized process whereby soon-to-graduate medical school students submit a list of residency training programs of their interest, while programs submit a list of acceptable candidates. Programs cross fingers hoping for a full match, as it is interpreted as a stamp of approval and unofficial sign of a quality reputation. "We interviewed about 90 individuals and from those, submitted about 50 names. We are particularly ecstatic this year to learn that we matched all ten positions and with dedicated individuals who were attracted to our program. It reassures the preservation of local training and availability of primary healthcare services for our community," said Dr. Peter Broderick, Family Medicine Program Director.

In order to continue training and restore federal funding for the program, a collaborative effort to re-invent the program was launched more than 18 months ago to meet federal demands which were recently clarified and based on issues prompted by the County hospital closure in 1997. "The new program is sponsored by the Valley Consortium for Medical Education", said Mary Ann Lee, Chair of the consortium and Managing Director of the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency.

"On behalf of Doctors Medical Center, I am very excited to hear that the Valley Family Medicine Residency has filled its first year positions," stated Dennis Litos, CEO of Doctors Medical Center. "This is an important step in the process to retain and hopefully expand graduate medical education in our region. A strong graduate medical education program is necessary to ensure that we are able to continuously meet Stanislaus County’s health care system demands in the future. This accomplishment has been made possible through the diligent work from the partnership formed by Stanislaus County Health Services Agency, Doctors Medical Center, and Memorial Hospital."

The Residency Program held its celebration for the Residency Match yesterday at its office located at Doctors Medical Center, where Dr. Peter Broderick released the names of the ten incoming residents to the current residents, and called each of the new residents personally to welcome them to Stanislaus County.

These new residents are: Margie Apacible, MD; Amparo Campos, MD; Jacqueline Craig, MD; Jeremiah Fillo, MD; Richard Minkner, MD; Sophia Mohammad, MD; Esmeralda Moran, MD; Sakhrani Mohan, MD; Dina Sukharev, MD; and Champak Venkitachalam, MD.


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